How To Acquire Customers? -19 Traction Channels Part 1

How to acquire customers? Almost all the business ideas fail because it fails to generate customer traction!

How To Acquire Customers? -19 Traction Channels Part 1
How To Acquire Customers? -19 Traction Channels Part 1

How To Acquire Customers? -19 Traction Channels Part 1

1. Viral Marketing

A process where your users and customers bring you new users and customers, without you having to advertise or market to those new users 
The ability of a product/service to go viral is dependent upon the "Viral Loop" - A three-step process User starts using the product/service

2. Public Relations

Public relations is the practice of reaching out to magazines, newspapers, blogs, and other media outlets to have them feature a story about your company or product or service.

3. Unconventional Public Relations

Anything that would result in a huge amount of publicity without you having to make an effort for it to spread, even if that publicity is negative

4. Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a digital marketing strategy used to increase the visibility of a website in search engine results pages 
Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day and Google's search engine market share is more than 90%! 

5. Social Ads

Advertising on social networks lets you target your ads with greater specificity than on Google or another search engine and are also a great opportunity for "retargeting," or showing ads to someone based on their activity on your site 

6. Offline Advertising

Offline advertising is your traditional media such as outdoor advertising, print media (for example newspapers, magazines, flyers and brochures), television advertisements and radio ads.

7. Search Engine Optimization

Good search engine optimization (SEO) means free traffic for you keywords, which in turn can mean a customer acquisition cost of zero or near zero! 
SEM vs SEO? SEM is a paid digital marketing strategy SE0 is an organic digital marketing strategy 

8. Content Marketing

Attracting people to your site where they'll hopefully activate as new users or customers via content that they would be interested in!