Change Your Seo Game Now

Here are 5 tips that you must implement on your client’s website to drive more organic traffic.

Change Your Seo Game Now
Change Your Seo Game Now

Change Your Seo Game Now

1. E.A.T

So, what exactly is E.A.T? E.A.T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. In simple terms, it's nothing but a few benchmarks that Google uses to assess the quality of websites.

2. Responsive Design

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Most websites on the Internet are responsive. However, there is a shift in the whole process of creating a mobile-optimized website. When Google started pushing for responsive design or user experience back in 2015, there were more desktop users than mobile users.

3. Check for SSL Certification

Many of these website owners abandon their sites and seek other options to get traction with their business. But taking care of a few basic things can ensure that your client's website is on par with the industry standards. SSL certification is one such factor. 

4. Target Audience is The King

You may have come across the phrase -content is the king. However, looking at the way the digital marketing industry is moving, it can be identified that content is just a tool, and the real king is the target audience. 

5. Build Links

The backbone of Google Search Engine is how it understands the links and transfers the authority from one website to the other. The relevance and quality of the sites that you see on the search results page are deeply dependant on this factor.